A first time homeowner’s guide to Condo Maintenance.

Real Estate Tips | June 23, 2020 | written by Dan

People are attracted to the condo lifestyle for the convenience it offers. If you’re a new homeowner who recently purchased a condo unit or is considering buying one, you should keep it in mind that condos come unique maintenance challenges. While there are association dues that you have to pay to contribute to the overall operational expenses of the entire condominium building, as a homeowner, you’re also required to pay for all maintenance and repair requirements of your own unit.

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To help you keep your new condo in tiptop shape, here are few care tips that you can follow to keep up your condo’s maintenance:

Establish a cleaning routine for fixtures.

You would be doing yourself a favour if you stick to a regular cleaning schedule for your condo, especially for fixtures, to ensure that no dirt, mildew, and other buildup occurs. Clean and replace filters in HVAC units (more on that later), and appliances such as washing machines and dryers to prevent fire damage. Regularly changing filters can also help keep your electricity costs down, as the appliances can operate more efficiently with an unrestricted flow of air.

You can always call Gandy if you have any worries about your condo’s HVAC system. 


Do checkups on your HVAC systems.

Since condos are usually smaller than houses, ventilation is important. The breakdown of your HVAC systems can result in a lot of trouble, especially in hotter and colder months—and not just trouble in terms of comfort, but financial strain, too. You should then make it a point to check up on the filters regularly, as well as conducting a thorough checkup before every change of the season. Keep the vents clean and clear of dust, along with other kinds of debris that can prevent it from working as it should. 


Take note of inspection dates.

You should always be on top of the inspection dates to make sure that you don’t have oversight on important things like the fire sprinkler. Otherwise, you risk getting slapped with a fine. It’s important that you abide by all the rules of the state to avoid trouble. You can do this by conducting a periodical checking of your appliances and installations. 


Be prepared for emergencies.

You should always be prepared for any emergency situations. It would be best if you have a detailed plan that outlines everything you need to do in the event of an emergency, whether a fire or a natural disaster. Having insurance on your condo will help keep you financially safe when a disaster strikes. A great insurance agent in the Langley area is Square One.

You should know everything that happens in that scenario, as well as how to take action when it happens. This includes communicating with other condo owners and residents in case you need special assistance.


Create a budget.

When doing your annual budget, you should allocate funds to preventative maintenance procedures, so you have something to turn to in case you need to do a full-scale repair or replacement. It’s important to set aside enough money to spend on preventative maintenance without eating into your savings or operating budget. Be prepared and know what to consider when investing in Langley (and the Lower Mainland) real estate


In conclusion

Maintaining and cleaning a condo may be time-intensive and costly, but it’s necessary if you want to keep it pristine. But just like investing in enhancing and maintaining a property, ensuring proper care of your condo can pay off with huge dividends in the long run. Ready to be a condo owner? If you’re looking for condos in Langley and Maple Ridge, get in touch with us.




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