3 Inexpensive Ways to Stage Your Home When Selling in Spring

Real Estate Tips, Resources, Selling | May 13, 2020 | written by Dan

Spring is fast approaching, and even during a pandemic you might need to sell your home. With advancements in technology we can still handle viewings and use social distancing to show your home. While the time is available you can also take a look at our 7 tips to spruce up your home.

Here are some budget friendly tips to help you spruce up your home before you start showing.

Tip #1: Paint the Walls Using a Neutral Colour 

Colours are everything in design, especially since it can evoke emotions and influence the mood of a room. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is one way to spruce up your space and set a positive first impression since it can truly transform your home. 

Seeing its impact, it’s best to use neutral colours from ivory, light beige, and various shades of gray. While trendy colours that can make a particular style pop, keeping your walls simple can keep the space looking clean and open while allowing others to feel like they could make it a home. 

Not to mention, neutral tones suit any decor, making it easier for curious clients to imagine moving right in without the need to repaint the walls on the first go.  


Tip #2: Declutter and Rearrange Your Home 

Staging your home requires a clean space, but decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean you have to clean up your mess. Instead, it’s all about removing unnecessary furnishings or accents that may disrupt the flow of your decor. 

The process may include letting go of some items that reflect too much of your personal style. Decorating is critical in home staging, but keeping it to a minimum also comes with the task as you need to leave more room for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home with their own style. 

Stick to the essentials to create a more open space and add minimalistic accessories such as candlelights, plants, or flowers. 


Tip #3: Invest in Good Lighting 

If there’s one thing you need to shell out more of your budget when it comes to home decor, it’s in good quality lighting. Improve the look of your fixtures and swap out low-wattage light bulbs with brighter ones to illuminate the room, an essential part in creating a lively environment. 

Keep all drapes and shades wide-open to let more natural light bask in the room promote a light-hearted, open space while showing. 


The Bottom Line

Appearance is everything when it comes to capturing the buyer’s interest, that’s why home staging plays a pivotal role in the selling process. After you have decided to sell your home you can sign up for a home evaluation and we can 

No one can resist houses that look straight out of a glossy magazine, so improving your exteriors and interiors will surely give your property a competitive edge. 

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